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Zakynthos to Mersea Island in the UK

Via Stansted Airport

sunny 30 °C

We only stayed the one night on Zakynthos and only saw the main town of Zante but contrary to many articles we'd read, we really enjoyed the place - maybe it's different if you go to the resort areas. We flew from Zante to Stantsted with Thomas Cook Airlines and I can't say I'd recommend them - the seats really have very little leg-room; Ryanair and Easyjet are like premium economy compared to them. Zante Airport was absolutely mobbed with far more airlines flying in and out than I could have imagined (and this was only June)

large_Zakynthos_..towards_bay.jpgZakynthos - view from balcony of our room at Hotel Yria towards Venetian Castle

Zakynthos - view from balcony of our room at Hotel Yria towards Venetian Castle

Zakynthos - Hotel Yria

Zakynthos - Hotel Yria

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Nafpaktos to Zakynthos Island

Bus, Taxi, Bus, Ferry, Bus, Taxi

sunny 30 °C

The girl at the KTEA Bus office in Nafpaktos called around the area and completely documented the details of our planned trip to Zakynthos and got everything 100% correct. The first part was the 13:30 local bus across the imposing Rio–Antirrio Bridge which is the world's longest multi-span cable-stayed bridge. It crosses the Gulf of Corinth near Patras, linking the town of Rio on the Peloponnese to Antirrio on mainland Greece by road. This bridge is widely considered to be an engineering masterpiece, owing to several solutions applied to span the difficult site - these include deep water, insecure materials for foundations, seismic activity, the probability of tsunamis, and the expansion of the Gulf of Corinth due to plate tectonics. And all this fo 3.30 euros each!


From the bus terminal at Patras Docks, we took a 6-euro taxi ride to the KTEA Zakynthos Bus Terminal and bought a a combined ticket for the bus and ferry (the bus actually goes onto the ferry and on the island, drops you at the bus depot there) for 15.40 euros each, leaving at 15:45. What to do for an hour? The area was really a shambles but we took a short stroll aound the back of the office and came across a "student" coffee house called Tag - good Freddos, good music and good air-conditioning

The bus left on time and we boarded the ferry at 17:45. disembarked on Zakynthos 90 minutes later, and found a good hotel (the Yria) a few minutes after that just as Holland and Australia scored their goals. As soon as the game was over, we walked into the main square and found an excellent cafe called Rakomeladiko

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Galaxidi to Nafpaktos

Along the Gulf of Corinth

semi-overcast 30 °C

We left the lovely village of Galaxidi at 11:45 for the 90 minute bus trip (7.50 euros each) along the stunning coast road to Nafpaktos. The Hotel Akti is definitely the bargain of the trip - beautiful rooms, large balconies, right on the seafront for only 50 euros per night including breakfast

One of the last, great naval battles between the Christian West and the Ottoman Empire took place here in 1571 and signalled the end of the Empire's expansion into Italy, France and Spain


Tomorrow is a parting of ways - we are all heading over the huge suspension bridge to Patras but then Rob and Jo travel east along the south coast of the Golf of Corinth back towards Athens, and we head south just a short way to pick up the ferry to Zakynthos


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Athens to Galaxidi

Via Itea

sunny 30 °C

Saturday the 14th:

We took a taxi to Bus Terminal B (10 euros) in order to catch a bus to Galaxidi. The web said buses left at 8, 10, 1:30 and 3:45, so we arrived at 12:30 only to find that the 1:30 bus no longer runs - 3 hours at the bus station!

The 3 1/2 hour bus-ride was through spectacular mountain scenery, running by Delphi and the ski-resort of Arachova, perched high on the slopes of Mt. Parnassos

Sunday the 15th:



Monday the 16th:


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Monemvasia to Athens

Monemvasia to Nafpoli, no, to Galaxidi, no, to Athens, no, to Galaxidi, no, to Athens

sunny 31 °C

The day before, the woman in the Malvasia Travel Agency in Monemvasia told us we couldn't get to Nafplio without going all the way up to Corinth and the back down again. We don't like backtracking so we thought we'd go directly to Galaxidi where we were meeting Rob and Jo in 2 days (they were flying into Athens) - she told us we could only get to Galaxidi by going up to Corinth and getting another bus from there. We bought the tickets to Corinth (22.90 euros each) but would have to buy the other tickets there

So 5:15am Friday, we boarded the Athens bus which proceeded on a tortuous 4 1/4 hour route via Molai, Sparti and Tripolis (and went past the Nafplio turnoff) and dropped us at the Corinth bus terminal. We scurried inside to buy our onward tickets and were told "you can't get to Galaxidi from here, you have to go to Athens". Rob and Jo were arriving in Athens about 2pm, so it seemed stupid not to meet them there and carry on to Galaxidi tomorrow. And so, we bought 2 tickets to Athens (7.90 euros each), found a hotel just a block from Rob and Jo's place and spent a pleasant evening in a rooftop bar, overlooking the Acropolis


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