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Bruges to Shrewsbury

By bus and car

all seasons in one day

We had booked tickets on a Eurolines bus from Bruges to Dover (47 euros each) because it is no longer possible to get a ferry across the Channel from Belgium and, in fact, only one ferry from France still allows foot passengers. We had not been given the exact itinerary and assumed the bus would take the ferry at Dunkerque or Calais. However, after just a few minutes on the bus, it was announced we were going through the Eurotunnel - an interesting new experience but not for claustrophobic Jeni. But, she made it through and I still have the scars in my arm to prove it. At Dover we picked up a rental car and drove 4 hours to Rob and Jo's place in Shrewsbury

By the way, I would not suggest getting a Toyota Aygo as a rental car unless you are doing nothing but city driving



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Canals, beer, chocolate and mass tourism


Another train trip courtesy of the excellent Belgium Railways - just 8 euros for a 90-minute ride from Antwerp to Bruges. As we were starting to discover, travelling in northern Europe in summer without a hotel booking can be a real problem but we eventually found the Het Consulaat B&B in the northwest part of the old city though there was no &B despite the guesthouse's name (75 euros per night). It was very close to an enormous, old, brick monastery which has been converted into several large schools



Bruges - Begijnhof gate 1245

Bruges - Begijnhof gate 1245


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Antwerp, Belgium

By car and train

all seasons in one day 20 °C

Luckily for us Bert works in Turnout in Belgium, so he dropped us off at the train station and we took a 45-minute ride into Antwerp Central


Antwerp - Jeni and Inez outside Wake Up Sandwich Hotel

Antwerp - Jeni and Inez outside Wake Up Sandwich Hotel

Antwerp - Jeni outside Wake Up Sandwich Hotel

Antwerp - Jeni outside Wake Up Sandwich Hotel

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Duisburg, Germany

Visiting friends

all seasons in one day 23 °C



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Essex and Suffolk

A week on Mersea Island, Essex and a week in Lawshall, Sufolk

sunny 23 °C

After a week house-sitting Steve and Carole's house on Mersea Island and trying to rid myself of the worst cough I've had in years (I'd been carrying it around Turkey and Greece for 6 weeks), we moved to Lawshall in Suffolk for a week in order to see my mother and sister in nearby Cockfield. We stayed at Brighthouse Farm in one of their Granary Suites, a self-catering mini-apartment (GBP350 for the week) - it was good but, like most accommodation in the UK, the Wi-Fi was woeful and in the end we had to use a mobile-broadband dongle


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